Saturday, 13 August 2011

TGIF - Author Block Party

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Question - If you could gather a handful of authors to hang out with, who would you choose?

Only a handful....

*cracks knuckles*

Well...first of all (before having any kind of party) I would make sure all plastic bags and sharp implements are out of the room building. I am not having anyone having an 'artistic' difference of opinion (you know, fight) and causing someone each other an injury. 

Right on with the invites. 

M.C Beaton - author of the Agatha Raisin series and The Travelling Matchmaker books. 
Mercedes Lackey - need I say more 
Wen Spencer - author of the Tinker novels
Lisa Mantchev - guys saw that coming a mile away didn't you ;)
Robin McKinley - author of The Blue Sword and Pegasus
Kriten Britain - author of the Green Rider series
and last but not least...
Laurie R. King - author of the Mary Russell novels

All my authors are alive :) I will have a zombie tea party later :)

I have also realised they are all women...hmmm...I think I will have to widen my reading a little bit. 

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