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Author Interview - Lucy Kevin

*doing the author interview happy dance*

You may remember that a few months ago I reviewed the e-book Gabrielle by Lucy Kevin - a novel based on the story Gigi.

Well, Lucy was kind enough to agree to do an interview for the blog.

Without further ado say hello to Lucy everyone *clap, clap, clap*


1.       Was writing something that you just fell into doing?
Well, I've always read romance (often at a pace of one book a day, if I can fit it into my schedule!) and I've always been a writer - although I was a songwriter first! But once I started writing romance novels, I was hooked. 

2.        Did you find the leap from being a writer to being a published author daunting?
Some days it feels more daunting then others. :) But the truth is, I absolutely love what I do for a living and I want to continue doing it for a really long time. Of course I'm dealing with deadlines and turnarounds and the production side of publishing, but my education background is as an Economics major at Stanford so I'm okay with that side of the business.

3.       What influenced you the most when writing Gabrielle? Gigi the book or Gigi the movie/musical?
I'm an author so of course I'm going to say the book (but it's true, too...the book!)

4.       Though the idea of courtesans is a fascinating one I would think it would be a difficult subject to present (I loved the way you did this), how did you find writing about it?
I got my start writing sexy romance novels and we're fortunate that little is too taboo nowadays so I wasn't uncomfortable with writing about courtesans. I was mainly concerned with getting Gabrielle's feelings right - what would it be like to know you were descended from a family of courtesans and to feel trapped by that destiny? The history of courtesans is really fascinating and there was a time that being a courtesan meant you were a successful, independent woman of power so I wanted to present that side of it, too.

5.       The very idea of having songs to go along with the story was brilliant, I was wondering though what came first? The songs or the story?
Thanks so much for saying that. I hadn't realized how much I missed songwriting and singing until I started this project. I wrote the songs to be sung by Gabrielle so I had to know where she was emotionally at each point in the story, but I had all the stories written and recorded before the final draft of the manuscript. It was a little chicken and egg that way.

6.       Who would you choose? The bad boy or the good guy?
Depends - what am I choosing him for? :) 

7.       Your favourite literary love triangle?
Can I say Tristan and Isolde? That's the mother of modern love triangles, right? 

8.       What Disney heroine do you most identify with?
Like Ariel in The Little Mermaid - I love to sing! 

9.       If you could live in a novel, what novel would it be?
One of mine, haha! The guys are so hot in them.. 

10.   Biscuits or cake?
Cake. With frosting. Chocolate frosting!

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  1. Great interview! I've never read any of her works though.
    Leigh | Little Book Star


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