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Favourite Romance Shout Out! Bind Ups!

I used to have an EPIC weakness for Mills and Boon - it was very stressful stuff trying to keep them away from the prying yes of my mother I'll tell you that. 

But moving on. 

So, every now and then they will publish collections. Like the Lords and Ladies Collection and then the Christmas specials. And then I end up with all these chubby books filling my shelves when I am only keeping it for one of the books or short stories that are in it. 

Here are some of them - 

In this one there is - 

Miranda's Masquerade by Meg Alexander
Gifford's Lady by Claire Thornton

Who can guess which one is my favourite?


Miranda's Masquerade by Meg Alexander is the winner. 

Believing Lord Adam Heston was about to propose, Miranda's twin sister, Fanny, flatly refused to see him. So Miranda reluctantly agreed to play the part of her sister and politely refuse his offer - only to find Adam's intentions were otherwise! In her rage, Miranda threatened breach of promise and found herself engaged! Worse, Adam played "Fanny's" devoted lover to the hilt, both in society and, to her delight, in private. And Miranda soon realized that if she revealed the truth, she would lose the one thing that really mattered to her now - Adam!


Here we have - 

The Larkswood Legacy by Nicola Cornick
The Neglectful Guardian by Anne Ashley

Any guesses. 

The Neglectful Guardian by Anne Ashley wins this round!

Sarah had waited years for the absent Marcus Ravenhurst to make an appearance and check up on his ward. But life under the care of her cousin had finally become intolerable. So much so that she had taken matters into her own hands -- assumed a new identity and set out alone for Bath.

As luck would have it, the weather soon forced her to delay her journey at an inn along the way, the very same establishment the neglectful Marcus had come to, searching for his missing ward. But could the intriguing man who watched her so intently really be the man who held her future in his capable hands?

**I Looooooove me a good guardian/ward story - in fact this is due a re-read this year I think)

Last but not least. 

Bride at Bellfield Mill by Penny Jordan
A Family for Hawthorn Farm by Helen Brooks
Tilly of Tap House by Carol Wood



A Family for Hawthorn Farm by Helen Brooks wins the final round. 

Wealthy farmer Luke Hudson gets more than he bargained for when he plucks a destitute young woman from the workhouse. He may have rescued Connie Summers from a life of penury and hard labor, but her spirit and warmth give him a new outlook—and a second chance at love

This is a lovely gentle romance. 

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