Friday, 22 February 2013

Series Shout Out! The Frog Princess by E.D.Baker

These books are fantastic fun! 

Emma is the princess of her kingdom, but she is just not princess material . She doesn't have a tinkling laugh like she should have, she is clumsy and she doesn't want to marry the person her parents have chosen for her. 

Maybe her mother could forgive her for all of these faults, if she hadn't taken after her aunt and had the magic ability that runs through the family. And then there is the curse that was placed on all of the women in her family...

I admit to being a little shallow with this series as it was the lovely, quirky, front cover that drew me to it at the start... I mean look at it! It is just so perty ;)

And then I started reading it. 

This series is a twist on the traditional tale of The Frog Prince - and if you watch the credits at the end of The Princess and the Frog (Disney) you will see that this book had an influence on the film. 

Emma the awkward non-princessy princess stumbles across Eadric - a prince who was turned into a frog by a witch. After being talked into kissing him to turn him back the spell back fires and turns her into a frog instead! Draaaaaaamaaaaaaaaa.

There is a whole cast of colourful character, from the animals Emma and Eadric meet when they are frogs to the Dragons and the banshee that lives in an abandoned castle and loved having visitors.  

*whispers* But want to know what my favourite part is?

Li'l is a bat that Emma 'rescues' from a nasty witch and she tags along on some of the adventures. And then Li'l becomes twitterpated when she meets a lovely gentleman bat. 

Guess who the bat is?

You'll never guess...

He is a vampire prince!

A vampire (who can turn into a bat) falls head over fangs in love with Li'l. I thought that their whole storyline was adorable. 

These books are great for pre-teen and teen girls I think. 

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