Saturday, 9 February 2013

Favourite Romance Shout Out! The Unexpected Bride by Elizabeth Rolls


Did family honor really dictate that he marry the first eligible girl who could make intelligent conversation? The Earl of Darleston certainly hoped not, but there was no denying that he needed a bride. And Miss Phoebe Ffolliot seemed the ideal candidate for a marriage in name only.

Or so he thought. Until his bride brought a wolfhound to their wedding and he learned that he hadn't married Phoebe -- but her twin, Penelope. But when Penelope revealed the reason behind the charade, Darleston knew his "unexpected bride" deserved nothing less than his whole heart. Could he now turn a paper marriage into wedding bliss?
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Quick shout out time to one of my favourite romances.

You know those books that survive every book culling you have. Every second hand shop go-around and every house move or spring clean?

Well this is one of those books for me.

There is a case of mistaken identity (say hello to the wrong identical twin!), a marriage of convenience (kind-a) and the blind heroine.

What I like so much about this books is that the hero is a really nice guy. He acts like a bit of a prat when he first finds out that he had married the wrong woman and that she is also blind but he is genuinely a nice guy and comes around very quickly. His anger mainly coming from the idea that her blindness could be passed onto any children they might have. Which, it can’t do because she was blinded in a riding accident.

Penelope is adorable with some of the things that she comes out with. Like when she has to ask Peter to read a letter from her mother to her. 

Penelope had a wonderful family who all love her. And I loved it when they made an appearance after her marriage. Her little sister has a very overactive imagination and is sure that her big sisters husband is keeping her locked up in a dungeon somewhere.

This book will be surviving the spring cleanings for a lot longer.  

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