Friday, 1 February 2013

Welcome to Romance Month!

Wow, we are in February (who else is slightly freaked by this?) and what is in February?

Valentine’s day!

So what better way to put the month of February to use than to dedicate it to romance novels!

If you are a regular to Blethering About Books you have no doubt noticed that romances are a teeny-tiny weakness of mine (just a little) and I can’t believe I haven’t had a wee splurge of romance novels on the blog before.
*Strokes romance novel spines lovingly*Don’t worry babies, mummy will make it all up to you this month*Crickets*
Alrighty then, who wants to know what is going to be coming up in the next month and a bit?

Week 1 - Barbara Cartland

Barbara Cartland was my original guilty pleasure so I am going to have some great fun this week!

After that the weeks will be coming in any order.

YA Romance

I am not a huge YA reader *scuffs feet and looks at the pile of How to Train Your Dragon books sitting next to the bed* but I do have a few on my shelves that will be fitting into this month quite nicely.

Supernatural Week

There will be vampires, dragons and all things fury this week. Vampire novels aren’t my thing but I figured I couldn’t do a week of shifters etc without mentioning them. I have actually discovered a series that I will be reading to the end! So excited to talk about that.

Science Fiction and Fantasy

Aliens, wizards and trolls oh my!

And last but not least – Favourites week.

I have a selection of romance that survive every book culling I have so I’ll be talking about them a little.

I hope you all enjoy this month and to kick things off I give you

Barbara Cartland!

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