Monday, 25 February 2013

Some Fantasy Romance

So....the science-fiction romance list went to my head a little so here is a fantasy one. :)

Goddess Summoning Series

If you have a weakness for Greek mythology - like me - then I think you will really enjoy these romances as mortal women get tangled up through no fault of their own with the workings of the gods. 


Raine Benares Series

I LOOOOOOOVE this series. If you want to read about a feisty elf who always seems to end up in the middle of trouble and sexy goblins (goblins can be tall, dark and sinfully sexy - and if you don't believe me read these books and you will be team Goblin by the end) this series is right up your street. 


Young Adult - The Iron Fey Series


Young Adult - Need Series

Want to read about blood drinking pixies? Then go no further. 


Young Adult - Abandon Trilogy

The myth of Hades and Persephone is my all time favourite! I can't wait to see how the trilogy will end this year.


There are SO many more that I could go on with but as Fantasy is a love of mine you could be here forever so I will leave it there :)

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