Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Young Adult Romance Shout Out! - Meg Cabot

Meg Cabot’s books (at least the ones that I have read) are great fun…well, the first time around anyway, I have come across very few of her books that I have been able to read more than once for some reason. I don’t know why this is as I thoroughly enjoy them the first go around. Any thoughts on why that could be?

Her heroines are so quirky in their own ways that it makes their stories a joy read. From Mia, who agrees to suffer through Princess Lessons to save the whales (her father donates money to Green Peace every day as long as she does), to Sam (All American Girl) who dyes all of her clothes black to shown that she is in mourning for her generations – its brilliant.

And, even if they don’t think they are, each of her heroines are intelligent and view the world in their own ways. Whether they use big words that could slaughter by score in a game of Scrabble or just some witty observation, they know their own minds.

Then there are the relationships with boys.

They aren’t perfect. Although I hate reading about glaringly obvious and cringe worthy misunderstandings, I think it is better than having a crystal clear, plain sailing relationship. It lets the readers – who I would think are mainly young girls – to see that relationships take a lot of work on both sides and may require compromise and a meeting half way on both sides or that sometimes it is up to you to be the bigger person.

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