Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Books You Love to Re-Read!

book falling apart

Re-Reads! Yay!

Do you re-read books?

Do you turn to a well loved (or abused as the case may be Winking smile) book when you are sad or stressed out?

When you are in a reading slump do you head for that well worn, falling apart paper-back, drag it off the shelf, got to bed early and curl up with it, prepared to be lost in the words that you know back to front and inside out.

Well I have a few – go figure Winking smile.

So, what are my oldest favourite books to re-read?

When I first received my copy of The Blue Sword by Robin McKinley I read it three times in a row – as in, I finished it and then turned right back to the beginning again. I loved it! But, it also left me wanting something, which is why I think I kept re-reading it, I was hoping to find what I was missing. It is still one of my favourites though, and I still pull it down every now and then to read my favourite bits.

The Phantom of the Opera by Gaston Leroux. I had to beg my mum to get me this book when I was eleven (I think) and she finally did and I have read it countless times since – and I still have the same copy. It has been on holiday with me, car journeys, bus trips, kept me occupied in hospital waiting rooms…you get the idea. My copy is kind of falling apart and his cello taped in several place – but it falls open at my favourite bits Smile I re-read this at least once a year.

And of course I cannot end this post without mentioning Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte – yeah, you all saw that coming didn’t you. I have had to actually replace this book a few times, mainly because all the copies I got where, well, cheep and ended up with the pages falling out after a while so I had to splurge on a more expensive copy. Well worth it though Smile.

What are some of your favourite re-reads? Smile

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  1. I'm not a bookworm, but I love to re-read "The Phantom of the opera" by Gaston Leroux as well, because it's my all time favorite book. I got it from All you can books as an eBook and I can't wait to have a little spare time to enjoy it again :D Thank you for this article!


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