Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Tune in Tuesday! Book Playlist Edition

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Eeeek I always avoid these questions like the plague. I can always listen to a song and come up with a story around it, but listening to a song and going ‘oh-my-goodness, this song totally matches this book’ not so much, so I envy all who can. Green with envy (that’s an envy face by the way Winking smile)

But I shall try very hard for this one.

*cracks knuckles*

Hayley Westenra singing Dark Waltz for the book Chanson de l’Ange by Paisley Swan Stewart.

The tone and feel of the song is beautiful and melancholy and matches this book to a tee I think.

On a side not if you are a fan if the Phantom of the Opera you really need to check out this book.

And now onto the music.

What about you guys Smile


  1. I can't even tell you how long I been meaning to watch The Phantom of the Opera. My mum loves it and got the DVD years ago but I still haven't seen it. Dark Waltz is brilliant! Her voice is beautiful and I absolutely love string instruments :D

  2. Beautiful music. Haven't heard about this book before, thanks for recommending.

    Here's my TT

  3. That's a very haunting melody!
    and very beautiful.

    1. It is isnt it? Makes me think of the haunted mansion at disney for some reason, you know wih all the ghosts dancing. :)

  4. Beautiful. I think I've heard a different version of this song before, but I love that violin.
    Ninja Girl

  5. This song is BEAUTIFUL!!! Love it! Makes me want to do a rewatch of Phantom.

  6. Oh gosh, you're right about the song! I've known it for years, but I never really thought of it in regards to Chanson before! That reminds me, I STILL have to read it...

    1. You have to read the book! Although maybe it would be better off for you to hold on until the second (or 3rd 4th, however it is being published now) comes out, it leaves you with a bit of a cliffie, tease, what the heck where is the rest of the story moment, at the end ;)


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