Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Taking a Break.

Hi everyone,

I was going to try my best to avoid this but unfortunately circumstances have developed that lead to this being the best thing to do.

I am going through some nasty health stuff right now and due to the treatment that has finally been found to work I will have to take a break from the blog. The treatment is zapping my energy and any spare time I have is being spent sleeping. After a month or so things should settle down as my body gets accustomed to all the new stuff going on, but right now, things are just plain icky.

I will still be reading and you will be able to find me on twitter and goodreads still but things will just be a bit quite in this neck of the woods for a few months.

However, there will be a few scheduled posts and reviews popping up for blog tours I am involved in and some other commitments. And I will also have the posts going up for the 'That;s What You Think' reading challenge for everyone to post links to there reviews.

Sorry about this guys.

Tata, for now.

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