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Deborah Goes to Dover by M.C. Beaton

deborah goes to dover
Miss Pym has her matchmaking work cut out for her when, enroute to Dover, she meets Lady Deborah Western, a lovely lady who is determined to be a tomboy.

I really don’t know why I kept reading this series. The characters sure as hell ain’t that likable, and more often than not I found then shallow and lacking any character at all.
And this book wasn’t really any different.

It used up a few hours I suppose but on the whole…very forgettable.

Sheesh this is making me sound like such a snob.

deborah goes to dover old
In this book our ‘heroine’ Deborah is a twin and takes more delight in dressing as a boy and galloping around the country side than she does in acting the lady and going to parties. That is of course until she meets our hero for the…second or third time and decides that she doesn’t want to be seen as a child in his eyes anymore but as a woman.
Predicable much.

That  being said ****SPOILER**** he has already kissed her and of course this has already started to change HIS view of her. Because as we all know all it takes is a snog and seeing a girl dressed up in a nice gown to fall head over heals in love. *sigh* and they say romance is dead.

Deborah struck me as being very immature and down right rude at points – and for a 19 year old I don’t think she really had much of an excuse.

Sorry, but I just didn’t find the romance believable at all. But then given the length of the book there isn’t exactly a lot of opportunity I suppose to draw out a relationship…but then when there is a page dedicated to telling me how various royals have a history at a spot in London surely some step can be taken to flesh out the romance.

Maybe I am just being extra harsh on this because I did not like the previous book in this serious either *shrug*.

It was a quick read, good for spending a few hours.

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