Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Yvonne Goes to York by M.C.Beaton

yvonne goes to york
No coach journey is ever dull with Miss Pym aboard, and this one proves no exception: Hannah meets Yvonne Grenier, fleeing the Horror in France, and very soon determines to find a suitable match for this beautiful and charming Frenchwoman.
This is going to be quick and sweet.
And this was why I kept reading the series. Out of all the six book in the Travelling Matchmaker series this one has to be my favourite!
1st – It had – in my opinions – a bunch of the most likable characters in the series.
Our heroine, Yvonne, was not a complete ditz, neither was she a spoilt brat who thought her biggest problem was the hero thinking of her as a child. Thank goodness. Instead she was a girl who has had to learn how to take care of herself from necessity.
And our hero wasn’t a wastrel. Yay.
2nd – All loose ends are tied up very nicely.
3rd – the romance between our hero and heroine – although being uber quick to develop like in all the books (but hey, there is only 200 pages I don’t expect amazing relationship developments) – was a lot more believable and natural.
4th – Hannah (our Travelling Matchmaker) gets the happy ending she deserves.
My favourite of the series! Smile

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