Thursday, 15 March 2012

Rapture in Death (In Death #4) by J.D. Robb

Rapture in Death
When the autopsies of three suspicious suicides reveal small burns on the brains of the victims, Eve's investigation turns to the provocative world of virtual reality games--where the same techniques used to create joy and desire could also prompt the mind to become the weapon of its own destruction.
Basic plot – Eve is on her honeymoon when a young-man commits suicide. There is something about it that she just can’t shake, and when she learns of more suicides she can’t help but feel there is a connection.
The plot thickens.
Remember how I said in the post on book one that I felt this was going to be a series that I would get into more and more with each book. Well, I think it is safe to say that I may be hooked. Just a little.
We do not find anything knew about Eve in this book but more does come out about Roarke. I love that we are being fed little bits about their lives and personalities as we go along. And as this is a 30-odd book series Ms Robb will no doubt continue to let the characters grow on us this way as there is no rush to info dump us with the characters.
We see more of Mavis – Eve’s best-friend. And she is lovely – if a bit naive to the point of annoyance.
The relationship between Eve and Roarke is wonderful to watch as it develops and they grow closer. The little things that happen between them are cute and in my mind help to make their relationship more real.

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