Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Mansfield Park - Changes to the Character? Good or Bad?

Welcome to another post where I talk myself in circles :)

No doubt like most Austen, Dickens and Bronte etc fans I do a happy dance round my living room whenever I hear about a new adaptation being made. (admit it, you guys do that to don't you? And I bet you get that  look from your family too. You know that one? The one that says they have no idea why you are so into that kind of thing anyway).

But the one book to TV adaption that I am always dubious about is Mansfiled park, because - in my humble opinion - it is something that has not been pulled off properly since 1983. 

What do I think makes it all go wrong?

They can never seem to get Fanny's characters right. They always seem to try and change her and maker her more...more...well just MORE that what I think she is. The think about Fanny - in my mind anyway - is that she possess a silent strength and she is the kind of person that can be in a room and chances are that no you would not notice her. She is not the kind of person to draw attention to herself. 

I do not know if it is the actresses that have played the part since or if it is the way that they have gone about portraying Fanny but they seem to have too much (to quote the Mad Hatter) muchness when in the presence of others. 

I would really recommend watching the 1983 TV adaption guys. By far one of my favourite adaptions not just of Mansfield Park but of all the Austen books. 

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  1. I'll try to watch that one then!
    I saw the one with the blond girl and mostly I kept thinking that someone should have bleached the actress' eyebrows before shooting started! Because, really!


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