Sunday, 5 August 2012

Sense and Sensibility - Edward Ferrars You are a Cad in Sheep's Clothing

*This is only MY opinion guys :)*

As you can no doubt tell from the title of this post poor Edward does not fair too well in my estimations. In fact, I find him to be a bit of a drip. Not only that but he commits a cardinal sin my leading on one of our Austen girls.

I mean really. At the end of the day what makes his actions any different from Willoughby’s? 

Elinor - I have no doubt you will agree - is not a flighty girl, she is grounded and sticks to what is considered proper and yet she allowed her heart to become attached to this man who was paying her more than the usual amount of attention. What else was she to think than that he too had feeling for her.

Which he DID.

And then what does she find out. In the most round-about and hurtful way that he is already engaged to a young woman and yet paid court to her at the same time. Agh! It makes me so made.

Edward Ferrars you are a CAD!

Any hero’s from Jane Austen’s works that you think didn’t live up to being ‘all that’?

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  1. Hahaha I love this. I actually rather like Edward (probably because in the movie he's played with exceeding charm by Hugh Grant - plus he's so nice in comparison with his wretched sister) but I do love it when someone disagrees with popular opinion :D


    1. Hehe, yeah I have to agree that the way that a character is acted reflects how I feel about them too. We are only human lol ;)

  2. Well, yeah, you're right about the guy.
    I never think about it that way but he could have told Elinor a lot early what was going on. He was a bit of a coward, though he did want to keep his word to Lucy because thats what a gentleman would have done.

    So it's a fifty-fifty for me.

    1. I suppose we do have to take into account that he did what he did because he thought it was the best thing to be done at the time but I still want to give him a right good talking too :)

  3. I know what you mean! I only find his behavior excusable given the time period and the constraints. I would never forgive a guy who did this nowadays!

    1. If this happened today I think I would be showing him where the door was :)


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