Saturday, 18 August 2012

Mansfield Park - Who Are You? I am Fanny Price

Sylvestra Le Touzel as Fanny Price in Mansfield Park (1983)

Ah yes, that question that I bet every Austen fan asks themselves. Guys who ask themselves what fictional heart throb in a top hat they are and ladies, do you pour over the pages trying to figure out who you see yourself in the most.

Now I, like many of you have no doubt done, have squinted at my own character trying to warp what I know of myself to fit into the box of my favourite character.

Yip, you know all about what I am talking about don’t you?

Anyhoo, moving on.

Out of all of the main Austen heroines I see myself as Fanny Price.

I am left till last, have been since I was a child. If my grandmother was going on a trip somewhere she would always take my cousins (who are both the same age as me) and leave me behind *gets out the violins*.

I have been trodden on and passed over – but I suppose that is my fault as I do not like to cause issues – I always have a bit of a fear that I would be causing a fuss over something that didn’t warrant one.

But I would like to think that despite liking to avoid confrontation I still hold fast to what I believe is right.

But then again knowing my luck I would end up with a dim wit like Cousin Edmund – one of my least favourite Austen ‘heroes’ (I use that term very lightly in this case). More on Cousin Edmund later.

So, who do you see yourself in?

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  1. Interesting assessment, I think I'm a lot like Eleanor with a dash of Marianne-

    I do like fanny though! :) I like that she's very steady fast.


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