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Sense and Sensibility - The Secrets of Love by Rosie Rushton

The Walker sisters have always lived a privileged life in their beloved Holly House in Sussex. Even though their father, Max Walker, has left the family to live with his new macrobiotic-food-obsessed trophy wife, Pandora, he has always doted on his girls. But then one day, reality crashes down around them when Max has a heart attack and passes away, uncovering the truth that he was knee deep in debt. The Walkers discover that their home is actually in Pandora's name and she decides she wants it back. So the family has to uproot their lives and move to the seaside town of Norfolk in an old cottage. What happens then…?


Oh dear, I am afraid that I did not like this modernisation of Sense and Sensibility one little it *ducks and hides*.

For a start let us begin with Marianne (Abby). In this novel she struck me as being purely selfish, wilful and immature. In the original novel it is pretty clear that her heart and love are the driving force behind her actions and it is pretty clear that is her motivation. I did not get this from ‘Secrets’ at all. She struck me as being just stupid and selfish.

I did enjoy the relationship between all three of the sisters. It was not perfect. They were close and all loved each other but still had issues and thinks that they hated about one another.

The father.  All I can say is that he was  a selfish idiot who divorced his wife for a younger woman. And then there is the whole “Yes, I am broke and have no money, but her! Let’s just keep buying things”

And then we have the mother. “Yes I am getting final demand notices for my credit card bills, let’s just stick them in a drawer and forget all about it”


Seriously, what planet do these people come from.

Needless to say, our Elinor (Ellie) character is left to try and get her mother’s backside into gear when the dad dies leaving them nothing – see being in debt above.

An interesting re-telling, but as someone coming to this novel who does not like the original a great deal I can tell you it does nothing to make me like it much more.

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  1. This doesn't sound like a winner.
    I mean, Marianne is foolishly romantic but it comes from a good place - a naive, a bit selfish place, but not a bad place. If the author can't capture that then I don't think I would enjoy this book either.

  2. It really was a shame that she came across as being so immature, I was looking forward to the Brandon/Marianne story-line but it crashed and burned with Marianne's attitude.


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