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Pride and Prejudice - My Favourite 'Pride and Prejudice' Character - Mr Bennett

Mr Bennett played by Donald Sutherland
My favourite character from Pride and Prejudice is Mr Bennett, and this is purely my own opinion (but of course I am all knowing ;)) but I think that he has to be one of the most overlooked and unsung gents of Austen’s work.

Seriously, this guy deserves a medal.


Benjamin Whitrow as Mr Bennett 

  • Nervous and neurotic wife.
  • 6 women in the house – need I say more.
Those 2 points alone put him in the line for sainthood in my eyes.

But he is by no means perfect. He is weak willed, and does not take on all of his responsibilities to his family as he should. He is more than happy to lock himself into his library and allow his wife to get on with the task of seeing to his children. Perhaps appropriate for the time but he is still the father and he had the final say it whatever was decided on.

I think that it is his faults that make him that little bit more likable – especially as he does register hid faults. He knows his own character and does not try to fob the blame for anything that occurs because of his lack of motivation onto anyone else. Now that is the mark of a true person I think.

So, who is your favourite character from Pride and Prejudice?

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  1. I don't know if I have a favorite character actually.
    I do like Mr. B, and that he likes to riddle up his wife so much. :P


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