Saturday, 4 August 2012

Sense and Sensibility - I want to be Marianne

Charity Wakefield as Marianne Dashwood
from the 2008 adaptation
Kate Winslet as Marianne Dashwood 
from the 1995 adaptation
 So, I will be talking about who I think I am in the scheme of Jane Austen, but right now I am going to talk about who I wish I was like - I think that this actually turned out to be a bit harder than deciding who I am.

But, after some thought (that really hurt my head by the way) I think that I have finally landed on it.

I would like to be like Marianne. What I love about her is that she wasn’t ashamed or afraid of her feelings. Although her actions and behaviour were frowned upon during that time I still cannot help but admire her for it. I wish I had the courage (or perhaps the conviction) to wear my heart so much upon my sleeve for all to see.

It is true that she is a pretty selfish individual, but at the same time it could be argued that she is not acting from selfishness but from stubbornness born from following her heart instead of her head.

So who do you wish you were out of all Jane Austen’s heroines or heroes?

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  1. I've always had a thing for Anne from Persuasion just cuz she gets the guy in the end. I don't mind waiting for a good thing. :)

  2. Yeah, I like Marianne but I always thought I was more like Elinor...sadly.

  3. I like Mariane.. I think she has some lovely qualities and is very brave. Almost too brave. Sometimes single minded to the point of recklessness. but on the other hand, she's not afraid to be who she is and that's commendable.

    I really liked Marianne in the BBC adaptation. Kate Winslet was okay but I connected more with Charity Wakefied!


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