Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Tentative Tourist: A Mayne Attraction Short Story by Ann Mauren

Grayson Gregory is finally being taken seriously by his father, the founder and CEO of Gregory Geologic Resources. Anticipating his first opportunity to lead a project management team on a survey for Iceland's Ministry of Natural Resources, he hopes to prove to his father and the executive staff that he's ready to assume greater leadership responsibilities within the international company that will someday be his.When world renowned geologist and longtime family friend Dr. Samuel Mayne comes out of retirement to consult on the project, Grayson is ecstatic. He is certain that the collaboration and Midas touch genius of his mentor, Dr. Mayne, will guarantee the success of his debut in the driver's seat. But the presence of Dr. Mayne's travelling companion results in a frustrating change of assignments for Grayson, who becomes tasked with the oversight of a Tentative Tourist.
(Image and Description from Goodreads)

Another wonderful teaser from Ann Mauren!

So far we have had a whole novel from the point of view of Ellery the heroine of the tale, a short story from Ash, one of the corners of the love triangle, and now we get a short story from the other corner, Grayson. 

It was brilliant to be reminded all over again why I enjoyed In The Spotlight (Bk #1) so much. Ann Mauren has a way of grabbing me and pulling me right into the story and making me not want to come back out of the world she has made. 

This is the first look into Grayson's mind we have been given and it was great to get a feel for the guy that has quite a large presence in the first book while getting to see the heroine through his eyes for the first time. I can't wait to read a full novel from his point of view. 

This has well and truly got me ready for In the Smoke. I can't wait to dive back into Ellery's world!

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