Monday, 11 June 2012

Empty that Shelf Challenge Update #2

Hi Guys,

How has your weekend reading gone?




I don't know about you but I always have these great plans for what I am going to get through at the weekend and then - more often than not - I get exactly nothing done.

But, this weekend was kinda successful.

I got three books reads (yippee).

 I LOVE this series and I had this (the latest in the series) pre-ordered so I dug into it as soon as it dropped through my mailbox on Friday! :)

I realize that this is  little bit of a cheat as this is a TBR pile challenge but I couldn't resist. ;)

 I think I may becoming addicted to this series. It is full of little gems and is just a brilliantly fun read. If I had any young kids in my family I would be buying them this series to read :)
And finally, The Princess Diaries Book 2 - Take Two. As I said in my review for the first Princess Diaries, I am enjoying these a lot more now than I did when I was younger. :)

So, that is us for now. The reviews for these will be up in the next few month :)

The next and finale Empty that Shelf Update will be up on Friday the 15th so if you are taking part and will be writing a Final post you are more than welcome to link on Friday :)

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