Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Woolgather Wednesday (1) - Team Paperback or Hardback

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The ultimate question, the query that launched a thousand ships. Yeah, not really, but it is something to consider. So, are you team paperback or team hardback. If an unknown randomer came at you would you want your chosen book of the week to make them laugh as you bang them over the head with it or give them a concussion?

That is a very serious question…

So moving along from the silliness serious considerations above let’s get to answering the question.

Cue the bullet points.

Ø  Hardbacks are more expensive. Sad but true. Unless you go into you local works and you can probably pick up the latest tome by Stephen king for under £4.

Ø  But hardbacks come out first. (don’t tell anyone but I think it is a conspiracy shhh)

Ø  Hardbacks are heavy – handy for concussing that unknown randomer, not so much for slipping into your bag and taking to work or school with you every day.

Ø  They look so pretty on the shelf though… - true…yip, I’ll have to come back to that one.

Ø  The dust jackets always end up ripped or buckled or SOMETHING. (all dust jackets are out to get me I tell you)

Ø  And, when all else fails hardbacks are brilliant when you need your telly to be lifted off the table by a few more inches :)

Personally I am a paperback lover myself. Paperbacks are so much easier to curl up with…hardbacks are just bulky.

Saying that I am not totally against hardbacks, I do own some ;) most of them are books that I couldn’t wait patiently for to come out in paperback. And I don’t know about you but I would much rather have a hardback sized hardback book than a hardback sized novel with a paper cover – especially when it seems you are being charged the same price for the privilege. *cough* fix *cough*

So, paperback or hardback?

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  1. I totally agree with you! I love hardbacks because the covers can REALLY be gorgeous, but Paperback is just so much easier to handle! :)

    Great post!!! :)

  2. Absolutely paperback! :)



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