Friday, 1 June 2012

Empty that Shelf - June Challenge Begins

Today being the 1st of June is also the first day of my Empty that Shelf challenge.

The gist being to read purely from my bookshelves, no buying books for the next fortnight and no library books.

The book that I am reading right now to kick this off is 'Shift' by Em Bailey - it has definitely got me hooked right now, although as this is a review copy and doesn't have a blurb to speak of it is a little frustrating not know where it is going. 

But hopefully I will scoot through lots of books from my shelves.

For those of you who are joining me I hope you have fun showing some of your unread books some love :)

First post on Empty that Shelf is here if you would like to join in for the next fortnight. :)

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  1. Wow, have fun with this! If I'd have noticed this previously, I would have joined in! I've got a serious issue with buying books and borrowing them when I've already got loads to read! xD


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