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Woolgather Wednesday (3) Kill that Book Stone Dead!

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Yip, we all have them. Sadly I think that for those who weren't readers before school this could be a make or break for developing a love of literature.

Thankfully I was a reader before the dreaded English Class leapt upon me.

But, it still well and truly killed me love of some books.

So, shall we begin?

Goodnight Mr Tom
I used to like this but now I can’t even watch it all the way through when the film comes onto the TV. The number of times we read and re-read passages in class because the teacher wasn’t keeping record of where we were in it *shiver* I have never been so glad to get to the end of required read before in my life.

Next up.

Short Stories
Why do English teachers seem to think it is their duty to find the worst short stories and poetry in existence to make their students study. First of all if you are going to pick a story to have them do make sure they understand it. As in don’t have half the text in freaking Gaelic! (Long story, I won’t bore you with that one). But really, iy must be some kind of undisputable law of the universe, or all of my teachers are sadistic and got some kind of twisted enjoyment out of boring us stupid.

Of Mice and Men
Yes, I get this is a classic, highly regarded and all that jazz but I HATED it. I hated it the first time we had to read it and by the time we were done studying it that feeling was fully ingrained.

And the last one that I can bring to mind isn’t a novel but a play. And once again it is a classic.

A Streetcar Named Desire
I have NEVER in my life hated a fictional man so much as I did Stanley and it tainted my enjoyment of the entire play. I despised him. And want to know that is truly disturbing? His kind of characteristics seem to ne seeping into the ‘hero’ characters of a few books I have been reading. Hell no. That IS NOT attractive one little bit people!

So there we have it. The book that thanks to repetitive reading in a short period of time I cannot stand now.

I will say though (before I leave you in peace) that one thing my English class in secondary school did was give me a love of Shakespeare.

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  1. I really enjoyed Of Mice and Men... but I ended up reading it at home on my own because my teacher, like yours, could never remember where we were in the book and never accepted anyone's help when they tried to explain where they were!


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