Saturday, 5 July 2014

Dragonfly in Amber by Diana Gabaldon Part #1


So, it has been a good ten years since I read Dragonfly in Amber so this re-read has been very much like coming to the book for the first time. 

I give you my reaction to the first 50 pages. 


Roger? Who the heck is Roger? Wait, I don't care. 

*turns back a page* 


What! Where's Claire?

Oh, hello Claire!

Ah, that's who Roger is, I remember now. 

Never mind. 

Where's Jamie and who the fiz is Brianna?

Go away Roger. 

Ooo itallic. A dream? A thought?

Oh, hello Claire.

Gah, couldn't you have told me something useful?

Dead? Now hang on a moment, what do you mean by dead?

Yip, that was pretty much my thought process for the first few chapters of Dragonfly in Amber. 

It was stressful stuff. 

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