Monday, 7 July 2014

What I Am Reading...

Hi guys, 

I just thought I would give you a little view of what I am reading this week. 

I am still reading Dragonfly in Amber (and unless I get a whole chunk of free time I will be for a little while) and I am loving ever page of it so far. 

Phoenix Rising is a stempunky, mystery(ish) novel that I am almost finished. It it pretty good and for some reason I keep getting Rivers of London vibes from it. Weird. 

I am also listening to The Woman in Black by Susan Hill. It was one of those books that loads of folk seem to have been reading a while ago but it went over my head at the time. But now I am giving it a shot. I am waiting for the story to start at the moment. 

So that is what I am reading this week :)

Happy Reading!

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