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The Miser of Mayfair by M.C. Beaton

Miser of Mayfair (A House For The Season, #1)
#67 Clarges Street is unlucky. Rental agent Palmer blackmails butler Rainbird and staff to stay for pittance of wages. From Scotland for the London Season, dazzling orphan Fiona sets her sights on haughty Earl of Harrington, and gives the servants first cut of her gambling winnings, insists she is the sole heir to her father Roderick Sinclair, a miser with a failing heart.

Yay, another M.C. Beaton series...although I do think it will take me a little while to get used to the recurring characters.

Thumbs Up
As with The Travelling Matchmaker series I think these books are going to be great escapist reading. In 200 pages, girl will meet boy, and after some drama, girl will get boy. Brilliant.
The heroine of the hour - Fiona - has a head on her shoulders that she uses to her advantage by acting like she has no brain at all and although she is the person that fixes situations everyone is still more than happy to continue thinking that she is nothing but an air head.
As for the recurring characters, I think that Mr Rainbird the butler and Lizzie the scullery maid are going to be my favourite members of staff from 67 Clarges Street.

Thumbs Down
Our hero of the book was a bit of a numpty and too happy to jump to conclusions about Fiona and he very nearly goes too far in a situation and this sent my opinion of him sent my opinion of his plummeting.
Although the servants of 67 are certainly a collection of characters (and I suppose we are meant to find some aspects of their personalties endearing?) but I didn't like how they treated Lizzie the scullery maid and I hope things improve where that is concerned.

All in All
Not the best introduction to a series but with the mentioning of a murder being linked to 67 I'm sure it will pop up in future books and liven things up a bit.

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