Wednesday, 8 June 2011

The Admiral's Bride by Suzanne Brockmann

His mission was to pretend that Zoe Lange, beautiful young scientist-- nearly half his age!-- was his new bride. Former Navy SEAL Jake Robinson was sure that his romantic years were behind him, but for God and for country, he would look into Zoe's beautiful dark eyes, kiss her senseless, hold her as if he would never let her go... and then, when the job was done, do just that.
The only problem was, with each hour in Zoe's company, the stakes were becoming higher. The game more real. And the dangers within their "honeymoon" chamber more and more apparent...

I have fallen behind with my reading and reviewing the past week and really need to get myself into gear I think. Into gear and to stop reading more than one book at a time, I don’t think that is doing any good with trying to shrink my TBR pile.

Anyway.  This is going to be another painfully and pathetically short post I am afraid - mainly because once again this was a very predictable book.

Dude meets chick. Dude is attracted to chick, chick is attracted to dude. Dude feels like he is betraying the woman who was the love of his life (who died some years before) because he is feeling an attraction to another woman.

Needless to say dude gets over the feeling and gives into the attraction, the both declare their love for each other and they all live happily ever after.

Ok so maybe that is a VERY simplified version of this book as there is a whole ‘plot’ in the story line as they try and prevent the use of a biological weapon against the American public.

Jake struck me as being a bit thick, and Zoe – despite being a specialist and ‘genius’ in her field was a bit silly. I couldn’t really gel with either of them.

It was an alright read, not going to be a re-read at any time soon though I think…


  1. I had heard of this books before, but never actually read them.
    I loved your review,thanks for covering what you didn't like about the book - as I generally don't like 'thick' characters - so thanks for sharing

  2. @ Alex (A Girl, Books and OtherThings)

    I have read plenty of 5 star reviews of this book. It could just be that I am far too picky lol but some stuff was a tad irritating.



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