Monday, 6 June 2011

Outlander Book 1 - Post 8

Okaaaaay, few things to say. I have sat down at least 4 times to get this post done so lets see if I can get this done shall we.

Tut, tut, tut! Laoghaire! You nasty, EVIL piece of work!

And Geilie…Awe man! Well, that well and truly sucks! I actually liked Geilie and she turned out to be a right hard case. Boo. She was so spunky and sarcastic I loved her. And she turns out to be a poisoner and murderess. My character judging abilities are obviously a bit rubbish. And was a sneak for trying to drug up Claire to get information out of her.

But! I am sort-a justified in liking her as she did save Claire.

I understand that the Witch Trial was a very serious issue in the book. I mean they could have done anything to Claire but I have found it the funnies part of the book so far. I was snorting and laughing to myself through the whole section. Claire was just so sarcastic l he way through it, the way that she commented on things and how she christened the two judges. FUNNY!  Yip, there are some new favourite quotes in that little section. 

And wasn't Ned a little love!

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