Wednesday, 8 June 2011

My Further Thoughts on #YAsaves

I know that the #YAsaves tag has been dying down the last day or so on twitter but for some reason the subject just hasn't left my head.

I know that I have already done a post on this topic  but my mind has been buzzing with other things I have been wanting to yell at the WSJ.

Now, I would say that there isn’t that much of a difference from what is trending in YA literature at the moment and what is in the ADULT (yeah – you know that section that can do no wrong and is the highest example of morality that can be found in a book shop *blows raspberry*) section.

Drug use, affairs, murder, language and not to mention the countless supernatural elements and violence.

Now, it may come as a shock to some but there is just so much Sweet Valley High, Enid Blyton and Sabrina the Teenage Witch a person can stand. So, would it be reasonable to assume that if a young reader couldn’t find literature on subjects that affect THEM in their section of the book store they would just go for a wee wander to the adult section and find what they are wanting there.

Now, I don’t care how much you object to the YA literature ‘filling’ the shelves at the moment. There is no denying that the material is handled and presented in such a way for the young adult reader and there is one heck of a different between that and a book geared for and adult audience. So, shouldn’t you be glad that the subject matter is available to a YA reader for their level?

(hope that makes sense – it does in my head)

And, on a side note, I know plenty of people who at very young (and dare I say – impressionable) ages, were glued to the ‘A Child Called It’ series of books by Dave Pelzer. Now, these experiences of a child’s life as they grow up are REAL!

Any complaints?


Well then, maybe there should be a subtitle to books then huh? Written in big red letters across the front of the cover.


Would that make people from certain quarters think twice before criticizing someones experiences.

How is it that when such a book is in the Biography/Life Stories section of  store it is inspirational but when in the YA section it is depraved and disturbing….

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