Monday, 13 June 2011

Beast by Maya Chantelle

Cristobelle loved the Beast and was the beauty that broke his curse with true love's first kiss. Once back to his human form, he remains a beast on the inside as he dallies with the women of the kingdom and ignores his new bride. She seeks out the help of a local witch to return Eric to the Beast, but the spell goes horribly awry. Her only hope of a happily ever after lies with finding a true love of her own who will truly love her.

This would have been such a great read, the idea for the story is good. If it didn’t take 10 minutes to get through. 


  1. It does sound interesting, but I'm confused. Is it really short? or is everything simplified? What do you mean?

  2. @Alex (A Girl,Books, OtherThings)

    Its just really, really short. Like a regular sized fairy tale I suppose. But there was so much that could have been played with and made into a full length novel...


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