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Avalon High - Book or Film



OK, so maybe that’s going  little bit too far but you guys get the general gist of what I am saying.

(actually I am considering changing this blog to shewhoisdifficulttoplease.blogspot ;) what do ya think)

Yoooookaaaaay. I umm…I am sorry but this film totally mushes up, murders and pulverises the book. It does! Completely turns it inside out and on its head. I mean, as a standalone film his would probably be fantastic for those that haven’t read the book. But as I had the book going through my head the WHOLE time I was watching this film it wasn’t quite at the level I had hoped for.

First – Ellie’s dreams. I don’t remember Ellie having dreams?
Second – Will as the Lady of the Lake. Puleeeeze.
Third – some randomer from Ellie’s class as Merlin.
Fourth – since when is a random teacher Mordred.
Fifth – (this isn’t really a plot point) I would totally go for the guy with the attitude problem over the pretty boy Will. Just saying.
Sixth (and worst) – Ellie isn’t even Ellie! I know right! Ellie is ALLIE. Of course she is…

Will was supposed to be Arthur NOT the Lady of the Lake!
A teacher who was a member of ‘The Order of the Bear’ was supposed to be Merlin!
Will’s brother was supposed to be Mordred – yeah, that makes sense!
Name change! Ahhhhh.

I went hyper when I found out about this film (thanks to another book blogger) and I zapped over to YouTube and very nearly did a happy dance around the house at seeing it there. Aaaand then I started it…

Oh dear…

So my vote for this on is the book over the film. 


  1. The movies was okay. I loved the book, and if I hadn't read it before watching the movie I think I might have enjoyed it better.

  2. This movie made me so angry! I was so excited when I found out they were making a movie because I love the book, and then I saw it and I was like WTF?! So wrong.

  3. @Belle

    I know! They totally garbled the book. I was so hyper when I found out about but I had to force myself to the end. I kept thinking it would get better...yeah, it didn't :(

    Makes me wonder what Meg Cabot thought of it.

  4. I think I'll avoid this - I didn't like the book very much either! XD

    ComaCalm's Corner

  5. They ruined the story in the film version. They made so many changes and the ending was so stupid and didn't make sense!

  6. In a disgusted way, I did enjoy the movie. But Avalon High is one of my fave books and when I watched the movie, my boyfriend couldn't stop me from shouting at the laptop when something different happened!

  7. I didn't have much hope for the movie of Avalon High, which is why I never bothered to watch it. But I do love the book and thought that it was an interesting read. :)

    The Haunting of Orchid Forsythia

  8. My husband and I haven't read the book, and from the start, I predicted Allie was Arthur and he predicted Mr. Moore was Mordred. Disney says they changed the film so it wouldn't be predictable, according to Wikipedia. Meg Cabot says it is about women's empowerment. They were both wrong. If you want to empower women, respect the author of the book. Respect the strong roles that women played in the King Arthur legend. If you are worried about predictable, first don't make a movie from a book (it SHOULD be predictable if someone has read the book!), and second, make the names a little further from the originals (Moore~Mordred, Allie Pennington~Arthur Pendragon). Hello! I read a review earlier that talks about the movie as sexist (while the reviewer spewed out cusswords and insulted teenagers). Here's the deal. I agree, but not the way she probably thinks. It is sexist, against both women AND men. Arthur was a man. The Lady of the Lake was a woman. Is there some reason to disrespect the tradition of these roles? The Lady of the Lake is pretty amazing and powerful. Why diminish her role? Also, Allie's parents are moving into their new house and her father starts to move a box of books and decides against it when he strains over the weight. Her mother comes along and takes it in without a problem. What, does she bench 150? Books are very heavy, and any normal person would not be able to lift that box as though it was full of feathers. The sexist aspect here is twofold, dimishing the respect for men by making them weak and silly and diminishing the strength of women by saying that what they are isn't good enough. That we need to place them into traditionally males roles to make them strong. I mean, look at the strength of women throughout history. At the crucifixion, all but one apostle abandoned Jesus in fear, but the women (along with John), stayed by his side, even though they were in just as much danger (maybe worse, with the things they did to women) as the men. They were courageous and strong. And raising children? Enough said right there. Fighting for the equality that was established in the Bible from the very beginning with Adam and Eve. They were the ones Jesus appeared to first after his resurrection. He knew their importance. Jesus never belittled the strength of women, and that is what Disney has done. I'm ashamed of Disney. Women have endured slavery, wars, and oppression for thousands of years. Men have fought and died to protect what they held dear and have protected causes knowing that they would likely die. We are strong, all of us. We've always been strong, so why try to reduce the importance of the differences and similarities of the sexes?


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