Friday, 10 June 2011

The Reluctant Escort by Mary Nichols

Even though she adores her godmother, Molly Martineau cannot help but find life in the countryside a little dull! At seventeen, she longs for balls and parties and the excitement of a London season. So who could blame her for finding the dashing Captain Stacey verry attractive? And surely it was not entirely silly to follow him on the road to London?
Forced to take the waif under his wing, the captain soon realizes that his heart may be in trouble! But with his affairs in such a tangle, what could he offer a gently bred girl?

This is another one of my favourite reads. It is a lovely, fluffy, clean romance, with a heroine called MOLLY! How can you not like a book with a heroine named Molly? So better than some of the totally bizarre names that some heroines are given – some of them sound like tropical diseases. 

Anyway, this is again one of those stories that you read and you know that in the grand Mills and Boon Historical Romance tradition there is going to be a hero who has no interest in marriage, a heroine who wants to have an adventure and a kidnapping attempt at some point. That goes without saying really.

But this is such a cute read. Molly is adorable (if a little na├»ve at times…ok all the time) and Duncan makes a great hero who isn’t out to seduce the heroine as soon as he can (so that gets him extra brownie points in my book).

Great for a light read but not if you are looking for something of amazingly deep proportions.

3 out of 5 (still a favourite though)

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