Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Avalon High - The Merlin Prophecy by Meg Cabot

Life's been pretty exciting for Ellie since she joined Avalon High. She's doing great at school, she's a star of track racing- and, oh yeah, she's dating the super-hot class president, Will, who also happens to be the alleged reincarnation of King Arthur. 

Ellie isn't sure she really believes Will is a reincarnated king- and Will finds it a stretch too. But their doubts might prevent an age of enlightenment- the Merlin Prophecy- from coming about. And whatever they believe, their lives are definitely in danger...

This picks up where Avalon High ended and although I love a manga as a break from reading I can't help but wish that it was an actual 'book', book. But that is just a personal preference more than anything.

I do have a weakness for pretty pictures and historical costumes and I get a bit of both in this and there is definitely an upside sometimes to having the pictures actually painted for you, saves on some serious imagination work.

In this we have Ellie coming to terms with just who she is in the grand scheme of King Arthur being re-born and trying to get Will to come to terms with the whole reincarnation of King Arthur thing while also trying to reconcile him with his parents - lets all yell 'BAD IDEA ELLIE' shall we.

I enjoyed this. There was some teenage drama and reactions to stuff that set me on edge at times but it is a YA teenage book so that is to be expected. Will going off his head at Ellie for trying to help was - in my opinion - uncalled for and the dude needs to take a chill pill - actually I think he has some anger management issues but that's just me.

The format was brilliant for this book I think, especially when there were mirror images. The characters would be reflected back in a pool of water, the real them being in modern clothes and the reflected them being their Arthurian counterparts (or visa-versa). That was pretty neat and added a great sense of the 'other lifes' aspect to the book.

Great for a quick read.

I would say to have the next book in line ready to read because it leaves you with quite a little cliff hanger.


  1. thanks for your review, I've heard so many mixed thoughts about it but I think you made a lot of sense to me.


  2. @Alex (A Girl, Books, Other Things)

    Thanks Alex. It is pretty good but I would still rather curl up with a novel over a comic any day.

    Trying to work on the whole positive review thing after so many icky ones... Can you tell? lol ;-)


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