Sunday, 19 June 2011

Reasons Why Emoticon...Romantic Triangles

They are pretty hard to avoid in YA lit lately. And there are very few that I can actually tolerate – which is why a blog post gets dedicated to an ill-fated trio whenever I come across one I don’t mind.

So, why don’t I like them.

Well…most of the time the heroines involved strike me as being a bit up a drip and in my mind one guys fawning over her would be fine but two is just crazy. If I don’t even get one guy, it defies all logic (as far as I am concerned) that a girl with the personality of a brick gets two.

It seems to be the norm for the guy (in YA paranormal lit anyway)to go completely off his head at the girl because of –
a)her views
b) her feelings towards a certain subject
c) her friendship with the romantic rival
d) because she ends up being the ‘whatever’ that he hates

I’m sorry but if ANY guy treated me in ANY of those ways I would be telling him where to go.

And most of the time it is the so called ‘good’ guy who is acting like that, and she still thinks that he s everything and STAYS with him although he is a complete and utter jerk.

Can someone explain this to me please.

Anyway, those are my reason. As soon as a love triangle becomes visible I cringe and then I either spend the whole book screaming at the heroine to stop being so selfish and out one of the guys out of their misery already or dump the goodie two shoes idiot already, he has yelled at you or given you the cold shoulder WAY to many times.

Or very, very, very, *breath* very rarely I actually sympathise with the heroine.

So, there is 1 of my reasons for why a pretty good book may get a Emoticon from me.


  1. In manic agreement here! Even when there isn't a love 'triangle', I often find the so-called romance doesn't make sense. How exactly did it come to be? Why didn't the guy speak up before the mysterious other guy came along? It's a shame that that's the way it is because everytime I look at a paranormal ya novel lately I see "X moves to a new school and is the laughing stock but mysterious guy seems to make it all worthwhile, until the weird things start happening!" It makes me cringe too but So long as it's well written and the story's good, that can at least save it :)

  2. *nods*
    I know! Whenever I read a triangle I'm like, does it make sense? Why would one guy want to be with this person, let alone two?

    It dives me nuts.

    And yeah, it a guy treated me like crap, as often happens in paranormal YA, I would be showing him to the door not clinging to him.


    I think tigger's expression says it all.


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