Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Can't Wait...for the rest of the Mayne Attraction series!

Did you guys see how many posts I put up last month!!! That number totally blows my mind. That is nearly the total amount of post just from last year.

Anyway, moving on.

So, last month I found a new series (yay) well…new book (it isn’t a series yet as I am waiting with bated breath for the next two to come out).

So, here are –
The Books I Can’t Wait For.

 And the titles TOTALLY make sense!!

In the Shadow and In the Smoke.

From what I can figure out these are following on/tie in novels to go with book one.

Now, I am the kind of girl who – although I love Jane Eyre to bits – would have loved to have read Mr Rochester’s point of view. I would love to have known what was going through his mind when he first met Jane and as the months went by and he fell in love with her *sigh*. What can I say, I’m a hopeless romantic. But…my wishes will be coming true for this book. And not only do I get one love sick guys point of view…I get TWO! That’s right, because this is a love triangle. And each of these books deal with each of the leading men. Now, I don't know about anyone else but that sounds pretty funky to me. 

Can’t wait!

Check out the author’s book website for some extracts and other cool series stuff.

My review of book 1 In the Spotlight is here

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  1. Thanks for the enthusiasm! It will help me stay on task and finish the series! The follow-up books 'Smoke' and 'Shadow' will provide in depth background of the two leading men of Mayne Attraction and help readers get to know the other supporting characters in the story through their relationships with Gray Gregory and Ash Ryan--including the mysterious and sinister Agoli brothers!

    If you'd like a taste of what's to come, you can read excerpts of 'Shadow', (which is told from security agent Ash Ryan's perspective) now at ! The link is:

    Be sure to say hi in the comments section so I know you were there!

    Ann Mauren


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