Friday, 10 June 2011

Impetuous Innocent by Stephanie Laurens

After the death of her father, Georgiana Hartley returns home to England --- only to be confronted with the boorish advances of her cousin. Knowing no one, she flees to Dominic Ridgely's state, hoping the nobleman will bestow a neighborly kindness upon her.

The viscount hears Georgiana's plea to find her a position as a lady's companion with barely concealed ill humor. A lovely innocent such as Miss Hartley subjected to that wretched existence? The very idea is preposterous. Instead, he takes matters into his own hands, introducing her to his sister's influence.

Suddenly Georgiana is transformed into a lady, charming the ton and cultivating a bevy of suitors. Everything is unfolding according to Dominic's plan . . . until he realizes that he desires Georgiana for his own.

Now, honest, I do have a wider range of favourite books. Really I do. But right now I am re-reading the books that I read when I was young and impressionable and even though some aspects of the storyline may (ever-so slightly) irritate now as I am a bit older reading these books again, they still make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

So be prepared for a flurry of a few more nice and fluffy romances - which are a bit of a welcome rest bite from the emorional trauma of Outalnder before I jump into Dragonfly in Amber.

Anyway, blurby bit over with.

So, what do I like about this book.

(bit of history for you, I read this book for the first time when I was...about 15 and it had just the right amount of romance and lovey dovey to make me happy - just don't ask about how stressful it was keeping a Mills and Boon novel hidden from my mother...)

Well, Duncan (our hero) doesn't annoy me. Even as a re-read he doesn't annoy me. He is a gent. A hardened rake who falls head over heals for our heroine and h
as to spend 200 pages trying to convince her to marry him. CLASS!

And then there is out heroine, Georgiana. She is naive and the 'innocent' of the title but she didn't annoy me as some heroines with this characteristic do. She is strong in her own way and doesn't hide the fact when she is annoyed with Duncan. She lets him have it and isn't a whimpering little miss.

There is of course an evil cousin to add a little bit of drama an the fact that Georgiana is an orphan - kind of a must have really isn't it. 
I found this a lovely, light, fluffy read. 

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