Friday, 3 June 2011

Emily's Innocence by India Grey

When blue blood turns bad...Illegitimacy scandal rocks Balfour legacy. Last night there was only one place to see and be seen at - the Balfour Charity Ball. But despite the glitz and the glamour, all was not as it seemed. Behind the scenes, Olivia Balfour and her scandalous twin Bella were locked in a battle over a shocking discovery - their late mother, socialite Alexandra Balfour, had conceived their sister Zoe during an illicit affair! The beautiful Balfour twins were witnessed in the midst of a cat-fight...Were they ever going to tell their little sister, girl-about-town Zoe, the devastating revelation...? There is no Balfour blood running through Zoe Balfour's veins! The Balfour name might be synonymous with glamour and style. But this is the second illegitimate family member to be outed in as many months. It seems this dynasty is rotten to its core. Now Balfour is just a by-word for disgrace and scandal! Such behaviour at this commemorative ball can only lead us to conclude that the Balfour twins are following in their mother's distinctly uncertain footsteps. Is it too late to stop the rot? We challenge Oscar Balfour, the proud patriarch of this crumbling family: wake up and smell the scandal!

This is going to be a ridiculously short post I’m afraid. This is just not my kind of book - I did read it though (I am a bit of a stickler about finishing books).

It was painfully predictable.

Girl turns down guy, guys gets a bit of a complex. Girl turned down guy because she didn’t want a fling. What does girl eventually settle for? You got it. Why? Because she loves him.

*rolls eyes*

And what happens.

He is well and truly reformed and goes against his advisors because he loves her and is a better man for than emotion etc, etc, etc...

*rolls eyes again*

So yeah, pretty shallow story line IMHO. It is part of a series though so maybe the whole series forms one great big pretty picture…

1 star.

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