Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Belle (Book #3 Fairy Tale Flirts!) by Lisa Scott

Belle’s father is sidelined by a stroke, and she’s determined to save his job as a master carpenter for the mysterious Prince Maxim. Despite her training, completing work on the Prince’s library is harder than she imagined, with the elusive prince watching her every move from the shadows. Belle’s intrigued by the intelligent, kind man who won’t let himself be seen. Is Belle the one to help him move beyond his painful past?
(Image and Description from Goodreads)

Needless to say this instalment of Fairy Tale Flirts! is bases on Beauty and the Beast (my all time favourite fairytale EVER!) 

For Belle we are joining or heroine Belle Foster at Grimm Towers as she completes her father's commission in Prince Maxim's (hello Beast) apartment. 

I loved reading about a Belle who worked with her hands and didn't just sit around reading or mindlessly exploring all day long. She is there to do a job and she is determined to get it done. 

Our Beast character does an acceptable amount of wallowing but when needed he puts his on issues aside and steps up - which gave him plenty of Brownie points in my books. 

And then we have the supporting characters who are predominantly made up of the servants in Maxim's apartment. I loved how happy they were just to have Belle there with them. And having the line 'Please, be out guest' show up gave me a bit of a kick - I won't deny it. 

This is another short story so it is a quick read but full of cuteness. 

I enjoyed this story so much more than Snow (Book #4 in the series) , but this could be because I am biased :)  

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