Monday, 14 January 2013

Goblin's Bride by Anastasia Rabiyah

Elgar left his home in the Grimfer Mountains to start a new life away from goblinkind. In the village of Fairbrook he finds a steady market for his wares, a fine burrow in the woods nearby, and something he never counted on: a bride. After meeting her, he wakes the next day with a peculiar fever that worsens day by day. He suffers taunting dreams and can't stop thinking of her. She's human; he's a goblin, but his condition can't be denied. He's found his mate. A bond between them can't work, or can it?
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Umm...I am really stuck for something to say about this book. Girl meets goblin, goblin gets girl out of some unwanted marriages. Girl and goblin get together. Drama happens. And they all lived happily ever after. 

Really guys, I am pretty stumped with this one. 

The story had potential but the characters ruined it for me. Especially our heroine. She is different - of course she is - and so her father finds it to be a miracle when he gets someone to agree to marry her - then why the heck does she end up with another suitor as soon as the first is taken care off! Within pages of this book starting fiancée number one has been bashed on the head with a rock and has forgotten who she (Isabella) is and then fiancée number two is thrown into a gorge - and I won't spoil number 3. 

Isabella is SO whiny it is unbelievable. But not just that! When he first meets Elgar and she asks for his help to get out of a marriage that will be taking place that day he lobs a rock at the poor guy - killing him for all we know - and she shows no worry for him at all, that this guy could be dead because of her wanting out of marrying him. All that she cares about is that she just got what she wanted. As soon as that happened anything could have happened to her and I wouldn't have really cared. 

All in all this is an OK (as in 2 out of 5) read - despite the main characters not gelling with me. I have a soft spot for goblins so that did help me get through it.

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