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Wicked Jealous by Robin Palmer

Simone never saw herself as the “cute girl”—she was always the chunky, band tee wearing, France-obsessed smart girl. But now that Simone’s a few pounds lighter and sporting a new retro style, things have gotten, well, weird. Her crush Jason seems to actually know she exists. And when Simone’s soon-to-be step-monster Hillary stops ignoring her, Simone knows something is up. When Simone’s brother offers to let her move in with him and his six room-mates on the beach for the summer, Simone jumps at the chance. But living with seven very different college boys isn't exactly helping her land her very own happily ever after.
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This is the first Robin Palmer book that I have read...well, listened too ;) 

Wicked Jealous is a modern take on Snow White and unlike many Snow White re-telling's that I have read the characterisation of Snow White didn't bug me! Go figure. 

Simone (Snow White) begins the story as an Ugly Duckling, she is overweight, binges regularly on her favourite junk food and is allergic to apples. And then everything changes when she signs up for a night class...only to end up attending a Zumba class. 

I loved this book. Simone was so relatable and a sweetheart - although she puts up with a heck of alot more than I would and I wanted her to explode so much but she never did. e.g. She comes home to find that he dad's girlfriend has redecorated her room and packed away all of her things and she holds it together remarkably well. 

Simone's father is, of course, an idiot. Need I say more. 

But the characters who really brought the book alive were Simon's best-friend, her brother and her brothers room-mates. They all care for Simone for who she is and not what she looks like. And they all have their own little quirks which made me love them even more. 

There is also the group of ladies from the Zumba class who take an immediate shine to Simone - she is the youngest member of the class by at least 20 years. 

I really don't want to say too much about this book and give too much away. 

This is a fun read with enough twists and deviations from the original tale to keep me plenty interested - and you guys all know I am hard to please :)

If you want something light and YA to read where you can route for the heroine all the way I would recommend this!

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