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Something to Blog About by Shana Norris (A Rant)

Libby Fawcett decides to start a secret blog so that she can have an outlet to vent her feelings and frustrations. When Seth Jacobs (her crush since eighth grade) witnesses her tragic (and comic) run-in with a Bunsen burner in chemistry class, or when she finds out that her mother is dating the father of her arch-nemesis, Angel Rodriguez, she’s able to keep a level head and make it through school each day with each blog posting. But when her entries get posted all over for the whole world to see, will Libby be able to walk the halls—or face Seth—ever again?
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Are you guys ready for a rant and some spoilers attached to those rants? Because, I am not going to lie to you, this is going to be the rant-iest rant in the history of ranting. (Ok, maybe not, but it will be pretty close)

Before I begin though there is one thing that I would like to say about just 'where' I am coming from with this. 

In my mind as soon as you have a child, that new life, that blank slate on the surface of the earth that is half you becomes your number one priority. Everything you do or say will have some bearing on that little bundle of joy through out its life. So how come whenever a love interest enters the seen all of this goes out of the window. 

Another quick thing - I am not against single parents finding love. 

So, lets begins. 

Dating the father of the girl who has bullied your child for years at school. Ok, so this in itself is not a bad thing in my books. But then (wait for it) expecting you child to sit all happy through a dinner with their tormentor across the table from them.


And then when your kid tries to explain why they feel/are acting how they are you pull the 'there must be a reason they (the bully) act like that'. I am getting palpitations just typing this. 


Your daughter has just old you that they had toilet paper purposefully stuck to them so they were traipsing it through the halls at school without knowing and that is all you say?


 My personal favourite - 
Your daughter gets jumped at school - hair pulled, scratched etc, and all you have to say is 'Grounded' because they fought back against their attacker. 


So you expect your child to just lay there and get the snot beaten out of them. 

I hated the mother in this books beyond belief. I mean, at what age do adults forget what it is like to be tormented and bullied on a daily basis and pull the 'I'm sure when you get to them...' line. 

Gah! I am so angry as I type this. 

It isn't even like I am the age of the heroine and I am thinking "Maaaaaan that, like, totally isn't fair,". I am 22 and I think that this mother is lousy! And, from what I can recall, at no point does she tell her kid that she understand how she is feeling, or anything. 

And don't get me started on the dating for 7 months before telling you kid thing. 

Once again. GAH!

And another thing. 

Your daughter is spoken down to RIGHT IN FRONT you when you go to the guys house for a family dinner and you do nothing. What the hell kind of parent are you?

Seriously, I would love to read a book where THIS mother get bullied at work or something and see how the fizz she copes with it. Hah, perfect opportunity for the daughter to say "But wait mum, there must be a reason they are doing what they are doing. And I am dating there son so you are going to be seeing them a lot more often. Get over it" That would be lovely. 

And the moment that knocks all others out of the park. 

The mother telling the daughter that what goes on between her (daughter) and the bully (boyfriends daughter) has nothing to do with the mum or the boyfriend. (I want to turn the screen blue so much right now)

I am going to end it there but there are loads of things in this book that got up my nose. 

So yes, for the majority of this book I was wanting to kill this mum and she pretty much ruined the whole book for me. 

Ok, rant over. 

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