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Sealed with a Kiss (Yours Truly, Lucy B. Parker #2) by Robin Palmer

Lucy B. Parker has finally settled into her new life in New York City, living with her new frister (friend + sister), superstar Laurel Moses. She's got a new BFF in Beatrice, and she's spending her summer vacation off in L.A. visiting Laurel on the set of her new movie and meeting teen heartthrobs left and right. Life is good, until Lucy develops a crush-and unlike previous crushes, this one is not on a character in a book or a movie, but on a real living breathing boy, Beatrice's brother Blair. Unfortunately for Lucy, nothing ever seems to go as she plans. Because although Lucy dreamed that Blair would be her first kiss, it seems like someone else might beat him to it!
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This was brilliant at showing how far Lucy and Laurel's relationship has came since the beginning of the previous book - although I wouldn't go as far as so say 'fristers' as there are still quite a few kinks to be ironed out. 

Lucy and her mum have moved to the big city to be with Laurel and her father which means that Lucy is getting settled into a new school and making new friends and also trying to get settled in a new city. 

One of the highlight of this book was the supporting character of the doorman at the building where Lucy now lives. He was always there to tell her where to go and to listen to her when everyone else was too busy - he was a right proper sweetheart and I really hope he make some more appearances in future books.

Her mother, although still less gormless that other mothers tend to be in YA is still pretty rubbish but she still manages to 'get' that something is wrong with her daughter when she is upset - even if this does come along a little late in the game) so the bonus points stay in their shaky places for the time being. 

It was fun to watch Lucy in Laurel's world of stars and fame, getting to dress up and being given make-overs. She didn't fit in perfectly and did make some mistakes and put her foot in it a few times but that just made her all the more adorable and real. 

And then there is the matter of that kiss...

This is shaping up to be a fun series :)
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