Monday, 7 January 2013

Snow (Book #4 Fairy Tale Flirts!) by Lisa Scott

Shawna White wants nothing more than to land a role in a musical, but she’s running out of cash while she chases her dream. Her stepmother, Veronica Midas, suggests she take a nanny job for the rich man she’s trying to land, and Shawna finds herself in charge of seven kids. But Veronica didn't realize Shawna would be living there, enchanting Jeremy and his children. Now Veronica will do whatever it takes to win her man.
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Snow - Shawna White - is a 23 year old unemployed actress who is loving with her step-mother. The story kicks off with Veronica (S.M) getting Shawna a nanny-ing position looking after the (wait for it) SEVEN  children of out Prince Charming character - Jeremy James - who lives at Grimm Towers a really high end apartment block. 

Veronica - who was hoping to get her claws into James - quickly realizes that her plan of having more time with James now that the children have a carer wasn't going to work when it is revealed that Shawna will be a live in nanny So not only does she have to re-think her plan but she is also going to be short on Shawna's rent. And so it begin...

This was a fun and quick read. It is a short story so there isn't an awful lot of time to get to know the characters. Knowing from the get go what the story as based on and who the characters were supposed to be was I think a little bit of a disadvantage as I already knew who I was supposed to like and not like. There was a moment though when I really felt sorry for Veronica when she realizes that she has basically turned into her mother - which is something that she had fought not to do. 

I really hope we see a story dedicated to Veronica in the future. 

Fun and short read!

This is the 4th book in the Fairy Tale Flirts! Short Story Series. 

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